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BA in Psychology , Panteion University (4years)

MSc in Clinical Psychology, Leiden University (1year)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Leiden University

Gestalt Psychotherapy, Dutch Institute for Gestalt Psychotherapy (Nederlandse Stichting Gestalt) in Amsterdam (4years)

Psychotherapy Course, Universidad Salamanca Spain (5 months)



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  • English

  • Greek

  • Romanian

  • Dutch


Persephone Protouli Drs, MSc

Clinical Psychology 
​Gestalt Psychotherapy

Born and raised in Greece to a Greek father and a Romanian mother, I moved to The Netherlands in 2011.
After finishing my Psychology bachelor studies in Athens, I obtained my Master degree in Clinical Psychology from Leiden University and a four-year Psychotherapy training as a Gestalt therapist from the Dutch Institute of Gestalt, registered under the European Association of Psychotherapy.
I work as a Psychologist in my private practice. My main area of interest lays in working with Anxiety disorders, Self-esteem issues, Trauma issues, burn-out and Attachment disorders.
I have a multicultural upbringing and speak Greek, Romanian, English, and Dutch. Having been brought up between two cultures has allowed me an in-depth understanding of the Expat experience.
I have a strong interest in human relationships and their ability to heal.




In my practice, I work with individuals and couples.
I have a particular interest in working with people that are troubled by anxiety,
low self-confidence, and relationship issues. I also work a lot with issues pertaining to raising children and maintaining a strong bond with a partner while living abroad. I have always been keen on working closely with couples and feel competent in helping those struggling with issues regarding self-fulfillment. However, I also work with clients with eating disorders, depression and burn out.




One of my personal goals as a therapist is to help normalize the act of going to therapy. There should be nothing shameful or embarrassing in seeking help. I firmly believe that healthy relationships heal all wounds and restore balance, and a therapist's office offers a safe and nurturing environment to feel accepted.



As an expat myself living in The Netherlands, I have direct experience of some of the challenges that come with living and working abroad. I have also lived in Spain and Greece where I obtained my BA in Psychology, before moving to the Netherlands to complete my MSc in Clinical Psychology in Leiden.