Would you prefer to have online therapy, from your home environmet?

Online therapy is as effective as face to face therapy, and is conducted using safe and encrypted online platforms used in mental health care.


Therapy is conducted in English, Greek or Romanian

Den Haag, Zuid Holland

​​KVK: 66118492
​AGB- CODE practice: 90065144/ AGB- CODE zorgverlener: 90105893

CAT License number: CM1531-11-09-18

RBCZ: 190015R

24500 Behandeling Psychotherapie/ 24503 Gestalttherapie/ 24506 Counseling

I’m a GAT member,  the disputed authority in the complementary alternative care sector). GAT is validating by WKKGZ, the law authority sector for quality and complaints in the complementary alternative care sector. For more information: https://gatgeschillen.nl/ or send an email to: info@catcomplementair.nl