Individual Therapy

You may want individual therapy if you are in place in your life when you need help and support. Perhaps you are struggling in a relationship or with yourself.


You may have a diagnosed illness or just a sense that something is wrong. We all have learned certain ways in which we deal with challenges and difficulties. Therapy allows us to examine these ways and to offer alternatives.

I am specialized in one on one work with individual patients and use a combination of approaches to achieve a tailor made therapeutic plan for your needs.

Den Haag, Zuid Holland

​​KVK: 66118492
​AGB- CODE practice: 90065144/ AGB- CODE zorgverlener: 90105893

CAT License number: CM1531-11-09-18

RBCZ: 190015R

24500 Behandeling Psychotherapie/ 24503 Gestalttherapie/ 24506 Counseling

I’m a GAT member,  the disputed authority in the complementary alternative care sector). GAT is validating by WKKGZ, the law authority sector for quality and complaints in the complementary alternative care sector. For more information: or send an email to: