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It is important to remember that therapy requires commitment from therapist and patient alike. Don't expect quick results, but focus on gaining awareness of the situation in your life that is the root of your difficulty:

What am I unhappy with?

What am I afraid to do differently?

How much support do I have?

Do I ask for help when I need it?

Am I aware of what I need?

What do I not want to deal with?

Anxiety is common among many patients. It can be seen as an alarm bell that goes off, to let us know that something needs our attention- whether that is an unresolved issue or an unidentified need.


Sometimes anxiety can be so painful for the individual, that it begins to control someone's life. One can avoid flying, giving speeches, taking the train, going out to meet friends.


Common manifestations of anxiety are:

Panic attacks & panic disorder,

Social phobia,

Generalized anxiety disorder,

Obsessive-compulsive disorder,

Specific Phobia,




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