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Mental Healthcare for Internationals


Expats in Therapy is an independent Private International Psychological Practice. The practice is committed to delivering quality mental health care that is reliable and professional to Expat Couples and Individuals. 


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Individual sessions

For anyone aiming to better understand themselves, within he privacy of one on one conversations.

Couples Therapy

For partnered individuals experiencing conflict, communication issues, or other relationship destress.

Online Therapy

After the pandemic, Online therapy became more normalised. Currently I work with clients online individually, as well as in couples counselling. A lot of people find it easy to make appointments online, and it gives us the flexibility to continue working when they are abroad working or on holiday.


Online Therapy

In my clinical experience I have worked closely with people that have been traumatised.


I am particularly experienced in working with the effects of sexual traumas (assault or other), personality disorders, recovery from relationships that have been abusive (either parent child relationship or romantic relationships).


I work supporting people that have been victims of racism, discrimination, harassment (at work or other, for example being stalked). I particularly enjoy supporting people with anxiety issues (panic attacks, anxiety disorders, OCD and other). 

I also really feel nurtured when I work with couples. I find couple therapy a very special and privileged position for a therapist, because I get to see the relationship developing ad hoc. 

Take a look here if you are dealing with depression, anxiety, loss, trauma. 

Especially for couples, it is much easier to find a time in everyone's agenda, for an online appointment.

I am currently dividing my time between working in person in my private practice, online with clients that live and work globally, and lastly teaching/ training groups at the NSG, the Dutch institute for Gestalt Therapy. 

I work with individuals, couples, and online. 


How to chose a therapist

When you choose a therapist, make sure that they have sufficient education and experience. 

Keep in mind that therapy is not a magic pill or a quick fix: therapy is a healing process that necessitates participation and investment from the patient and caretaker alike. 

I am academically trained in Clinical Psychology (MSc) and after that, I was trained in Gestalt Psychotherapy.


I am a member of EAGT, NVAGT, EAP and CRKBO

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